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Seeding an Existing Tank

Our goal is to assist you in creating a self-sustaining copepod population to serve as a food source for larval and reef fishes and corals. In a home aquarium, this can be achieved by adding the starter culture directly to an aquarium, refugium, or dedicated culture vessel.


When adding directly to your home aquaria, it is recommended that you add your preferred species of zooplankton at night, or with the lights turned low or off if possible, and after a feeding. This will give the copepods time to hide in the interstitial spaces of your tank in order to reproduce and create a sustainable population before being eaten by reef predators.


This also helps to serve a vital ecosystem role as they will feed on detritus and algae in your aquarium. Copepods can also be added to your refugium to protect them from predation, then add the copepods to your aquarium in increments when it is time to feed your fish.


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Dosage and Feeding

When seeding a tank, we advise to add one bottle of your desired species per 40 gallons of tank space. This will provide the density needed to encourage reproduction rates to sustain a population. If your tank has a large number of predators that will be continually feeding, we recommend that you re-seed your tank every 6 weeks, or whenever the copepod population is visibly depleted.

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