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What is the shelf life of your copepod cultures?


The recommended shelf life is 2 months after arrival if refrigerated in the recommended range of 38-42 degrees farenheit. For long term storage, it is necessary to depress the cap into the "open" position to allow air to permeate.


How do I return an item?


Returns will be accepted if the organisms have died in transit as an immediate replacement. Contact our customer service through We ask that you provide a photograph along with your email. in some circumstances we may arrange for return shipping for quality control purposes. 

What are your delivery options?


We ship through Priority Mail 2-Day™ shipping on all our live orders. and can provide Priority Mail Express 1-Day™ for rushed delivery. Shipments will be sent out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to ensure the shortest time in transit. Include your zip code when you inquire about our product and we can give you a quote for shipping along with our wholesale product pricing.



Can you schedule recurring shipments?


Yes, contact our customer service to set up a reccuring shipment schedule for most live cultures to ensure you don't forget to reorder!





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