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Many potential aquaculture candidates have very specific dietary requirements that cannot be met with current aquaculture methods. While techniques have been improving with some success, the end product is often marketed with a reduced lifespan and poor appearance.


Atlantic Biotechnology formed out of necessity to bridge this gap and support sustainable ornamental aquaculture practices to decrease the need to harvest from our wild reefs. Atlantic Biotechnology has pioneered innovative techniques in propagating and arresting early life stages to help make culturing of these elusive species possible.


We provide Copepods on a production scale to aquaculture hatcheries destined for the seafood market, as well as universities, research laboratories, and numerous state and national aquarium propagation programs. 


Our starter cultures can be found in retail stores across the US for reef aquarium hobbyists looking to complete the ecosystm within their home aquarium. When properly applied, our products can create a self-sustaining population that aids in the removal of detritus and algae, while serving as a passive feed for your aquarium's inhabitants.


We take great care in providing you the purest copepod cultures to ensure consistent results and eliminate the risk of contaminating the desired system.


To find out more about culturing zooplankton, please visit our propagation page

Atlantic Biotechnology's founder and director, Richard Huse, was named the Coastal Entrepreneur of the Year for the biotechnology field in 2016 and was featured on the Global Aquaculture Alliance's 30 Under 30 in 2018.



In the Press


2018 Global Aquaculture Alliance 30 under 30

Cape Fear Living 'One Copepod at a Time'

"Atlantic Biotechnology was created by Huse in 2015 – a recent graduate, scientist, businessman and now entrepreneur."


2016 Entrepreneur of the year for the field of Biotechnology

Reef to Reef

"The dedication, research and customer service provided gives them a gold standard."

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